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Simply enter your reg on our website to get an expert valuation.

Schedule a home visit

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We’ll come to you! Our home visits are free, whether you're just getting your car looked at or ready to sell.

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No hassle! We'll come to you with the paperwork. Hand us the keys, and we'll do the rest.

Receive instant payment

Receive instant payment

Unlike our competitors, we don't charge admin fees or have any hidden costs. And with instant payment – you'll receive your payment in your account before we've even driven away!

We have offices in

  • Midlands
  • London and surrounding areas
  • South of England


You can save a lot of money with a valuation that reflects your vehicle when all of the options and specifications are taken into account.

PremiumCarBuyingService.com unlike our competitors we won’t give you a valuation based on an automated system. We use our experience and knowledge of our vehicle specialists. Contact us now on 03300 885 081 for a personalised quote and experience the difference for yourself. See how our process works, how we value you car and decide yourself.

We buy your vehicle with the following assumptions:

  • It is not an insurance write off
  • It has never been used for private/commercial hire, rental and driving tuition
  • It is a roadworthy vehicle
  • You are the registered owner on the V5

About us

Because we deal exclusively in premium brands, we can employ highly experienced Brand Specialists. The clue’s in the name. Our Brand Specialists have worked for years with their brands and their markets and know them inside out. Altogether, we have years of experience about premium brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus and Porsche.

It means we know facts like how much extra a limited edition is worth. Or whether a certain colour is in particular demand. Or how much those extra features you’ve lavished on your car have cost you – and how much value they’ve added. Or even whether it’s a particularly good time of year – for example, cabriolets are most popular in spring and summer, while for 4 x 4s it’s winter.

Essentially, we review each car on its merits, and take all relevant factors into consideration. This is priceless knowledge that no computer can replicate. And it’s reflected in the price we pay.

Selling your car is not simple. If all you really want is a fair price for your vehicle, which is quick and hassle free, then please contact us on 03300 885 081.

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