About Us

We are the best and trusted option when it comes to buying prestige and premium cars.

Well in plain and simple words, we buy and sell premium cars but we are not the same as other car buyers in the market. As the name suggests, buying premium cars is our specialty.

We aim at providing car sellers everything that other car buyers just claim to provide. Hence, our core area of focus is providing our customers with the following things:

  • Great Experience

  • Least Hassle

  • Best Prices

  • Swift Payments

Great Experience

Often, car sellers have to go through a great deal of bad experiences before they finally sell their car. While selling privately, they have to deal with annoying buyers, cancellations etc. not to mention the costs incurred due to advertising. Moreover, when sold to other car buying companies they have to travel to their branch just to end up haggling on the valuation price. We at Premium Car Buying Service ensure that our customers don’t have to go through such trouble. We give priority to the car seller and his selling experience.

Least Hassle

We provide our customers with complete support throughout the car selling experience. Our brand valuation experts would then immediately get in touch with you over phone to get all the details of your premium car. We will almost immediately provide you the valuation of your car. This price will be considered final if there are no deviations from the details specified by you. Moreover, to reduce your hassle even further we provide car pick up facilities at a time and place specified by you.

Best Prices

We are the experts in car valuation for premium cars. Premium cars are our forte and we won’t disappoint you. We have Brand Valuation Experts who will ensure your car is quoted its right value. The prices we provide are either at par or better than other car buying companies.

Swift Payments

As a part of our mission of providing a great experience to the customer's car selling experience, we take utmost care in the payment process. We take pride in our instant payment capabilities. Once your car has been checked by our experts and the deal is closed we make an instant payment into your account. This is our company policy, and hence, we strictly adhere to it.

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