How It Works

1. Enter your details

Please enter the registration number of the car you want to sell.

Once you have filled these details, you will be immediately shown the details such as make, model and derivative of your car. Go through them carefully and confirm. Please ensure the details of the car are entered correctly as this will help us in coming up with a perfect valuation of your car.

2. Get a free valuation

We believe it's your right to get a fair and accurate price for your vehicle.

Once you have confirmed the details, you will get a call from our Brand Valuation Expert to discuss further details of your car over phone. This process saves time and energy as you don’t need to take your car somewhere to get the valuation done.

A premium car needs a premium evaluation. Hence, we have our pricing specialists. Our specialist provides the human touch needed while placing a value on your vehicle. They put additional focus on the specifications and unique options associated with your car as experts of the field. As we deal mostly in the premium car segment, the specification and add ons plays a crucial role in the valuation of the car. Our expert will then provide you a fair valuation based upon the details collected on the website and over the phone. Once the valuation has been agreed, there will be no attempts to reduce the price quoted by Premium Car Buying Service if the condition matches when inspected physically.

3. Book an appointment

At Premium Car Buying Service, we pride ourselves in proving the best customer service. Hence, as a part of our service we provide home visits at a time convenient to you. This saves you from the hassle of driving down to far off places to hand over the car. Once you have confirmed, our staff will come over to either your home or office (whichever is convenient for you) at a time convenient to you, to assess the car.

Once it has been confirmed that the car is in the condition as per the details provided, the process for immediate transfer of the car will be initiated.

4. Get free same day payment

If everything adds up, you get the payment on the same day.

At Premium Car Buying Service we ensure that the car owner receives the payment for the car on the same day. Our staff will authorize the payment as soon as the driver cross checks the details. The money reaches your bank account almost immediately without any extra costs and hidden charges.

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