Getting your car valuation done is very easy at Premium Car Buying Service. All you need to do is enter your car registration no. on our website. This will give us all the basic details of your car like make, model etc. Our Brand Valuation Expert will get in touch with you shortly after and book an appointment for you at your convenient time and place. The Brand Valuation Expert will then visit you for a thorough car inspection and provide you a valuation of your car. This will be our final quote for your car – no haggling, no hassles.
There are a lot of factors affecting the value of a car, some of which are fixed and some keep changing. Hence, the valuation done today might not be the same after a month. Some factors which affect your valuation are make or model of the car, time of the year, demand for a particular model, mileage etc. To know more please read How We Value Your Car.
There is no transaction or administration fees associated with your valuation. Whether you sell the car to us or not the valuation will be done for you for free.
The valuation of a car changes on an everyday basis depending on the needs of the market. Hence, the valuation provided by us will be valid for a period of 48 hours, if you sell your car to us within 48 hours the provided valuation will apply. After these 48 hours, the valuation will have to be done again.
That’s what is special about Premium Car Buying Service. In the car inspection, we take into account all the extras addded on your car. Whether it is a full leather interior or a panoramic roof, all the extras will be taken into account while providing you the valuation.

Selling my car

The state of the car determines the price you get for your car. Hence, it is advisable to get a proper check done so that you get the best price. Repairing any of the obvious damages on the exterior body will be very beneficial in increasing the valuation of your car. Get a thorough cleaning of the interiors to make it presentable. If your car is due for an MOT soon it is advisable to get it done and keep all the documents like the V5 log book handy.
To sell your car you need to have your IDs (one photo ID and one proof of address) and also the documents of the car. The forms of original photo ID we accept include: • Driving license • Passport • Forces ID card The proof of address we accept include: • Utility bill • Council tax letter • Bank statement • Store card statement The car documents we need are: • V5 logbook (registration certificate) • MOT certificate You’ll also need to have your bank details to hand so we can pay you.
We are interested in buying all premium cars in the market. We have only mentioned some of the brands on our website but it doesn’t mean we buy only these cars. If you own a premium car and are willing to sell it, we are interested. You can get started immediately by entering your cars registration number on our website.
No, unforunately we don't buy non running cars.
Well, wherever your car is! Once you confirm to sell your car and all the paperwork is done we will pick your car up for free. We believe in removing all the hassles of selling a car for the seller so it doesn’t matter if your car is in your office or at home we will come and pick it up.
Yes, we do buy cars with outstanding finances. We will pay the pending amount to the finance company directly. This amount will be deducted from the total valuation of your car and the remaining amount will be deposited in your bank account. To make the process quicker we will need a settlement letter from your finance company.

Payment for my car

We provide a valuation over phone and then come for inspection of your car on your date and time of appointment. The valuation provided over phone is subject to change if some major details of the car had not been provided over phone. Once the inspection is done and the valuation provided there won’t be any changes in the price.
The payment process is very simple and fast. Once you agree to sell your car, we will need details of your bank account. The bank account details should match with the name mentioned on the V5C log book of the car i.e. the payment will be transferred only in the name of the owner. This is done to avoid any frauds. Once the details are received, we ensures the payment reaches the car owner instantly or within 48 hours.
Instantly or within 48 hours, that is our guarantee. If your car has some finance settlements pending, then we will have to wait for the settlement letter from the finance company. Once all the paper work is settled, the payment will be transferred to your account instantly or within 48 hours.
No, to avoid fraud we ensure that the payment is credited only in the account of the owner of the car. But, if you are selling your spouse’s car or of a relative then we will need an authorization letter from the stated individual giving you permission to sell the car.

Car ownership

If you are selling your spouse’s car cause of any reason, we will need an authorization letter of your spouse. The letter should state that he/she is willing to sell the car & has given you the authority to do the same. All the remaining formalities remain the same.
To sell your car to us, you need to be the owner of the car for a minimum of 3 months. If you have owned the vehicle for less than 3 months, then we will need an original sales invoice of your purchase. You must have the right to sell the vehicle to us.
It is a very hard decision to sell the personal belonging of someone close to you, but sometimes when such events happen there is no other choice. In such cases, we will be fully supportive in buying your car provided all the legal formalities have been taken care from your end. We will be requiring a few documents to satisfy due diligence.
Yes, we will need you to bring along the following: • A form of photo identification for the person bringing the car. • Letter signed from the company director giving authorization for that person to sell on their behalf. • Company account details e.g. bank paying in book or company bank statement. • One form of identification for the business address. • Both sets of car keys if available. • All service history and MOT certificates if available. • V5 logbook/registration certificate registered in the company's name and address. Further documentation may be required, however you will be advised of this prior to visiting your local branch.


Making an appointment is very easy. Just enter your car registration number on our website. You will receive a call from PCBS to know further details of the car and will give you a date and time of appointment based on your convenience.
Our Brand Valuation Expert will visit you on the date and time provided by you. Based on the inspection, we will provide you a valuation which will be our final price for your car. The price quoted will not change if all the details provided match the physical inspection. If you agree to sell your car, we will start the buying and payment procedure immediately.
You need to bring the following things for the appointment • The V5 logbook/ registration certificate • Two forms of identification – Personal ID and Proof of Address • All service history & MOT certificates • All sets of car keys • Bank details • Finance settlement letter
Your appointment will take about 20 minutes. This will include thorough inspection of the car and a test drive. You will have to stay available for both of them.
Yes, if you agree to sell your car our we will immediately start the process for buying the car. If all the documents are in place and everything else checks out then we will take your car there and then with your permission. The payment will then be credited in your account instantly or within 48 hours.
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