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If you are a Brummie and are planning to sell your car, Premium Car Buying Service is the best choice. We provide all our car buying services in and around Birmingham, so if you have a premium car to sell get in touch with us right now. We can get your car picked up from anywhere in Birmingham and that too for free. Moreover, we won’t be even charging any additional admin costs for the services provided by us. So, if you are planning to sell your car in Birmingham get your valuation from us today. You just have to fill in the details below:

Well if you are wondering why you should give us the opportunity. Then here are a few highlights about us:

  • We can pick up your car from anywhere in Birmingham for free
  • We don't charge any unnecessary admin charges for the service provided by us
  • We don't use database generated prices. Our valuation process takes into account all the additional features (extras like leather seat, panoramic roof) of your car. Hence, we are the best in pricing.
  • We have a free same day/24-hour payment policy.
  • We are transparent and most authentic amongst all the car buying services in Birmingham
  • Our Brand Valuation Experts are the best in the industry.

So, if you are thinking of selling your premium car in and around Birmingham, make sure to get a quote from us. As Premium Car Buying Service we believe in keeping the customer's car selling experience hassle-free, we ensure that you have the best car selling experience ever. Our car inspections are fast and to the point, moreover, we will not be charging you additional for any minor wear and tear on your car. The price we provide you will be the best in the Birmingham market.

If you have any queries on how to sell your car in Birmingham, just give us a call on 03300 885 081 or

"We are here, We are waiting"

Customer Testimonial:

Steve Loraine

Found the Premium Car Buying Service to be professional, friendly, reliable and good value. Everything went smoothly, avoiding much of the hassle one experiences with private sales of vehicles. We might have received more with a private sale, but it’s a big “might” and the on-costs plus time involved were outweighed by the great convenience of PCBS. Highly recommended. Read more reviews

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